CUBAO to NAIA / NAIA to CUBAO: P2P Bus schedule (UBE Express)

Last updated: July 4, 2019.

In Metro Manila, where traffic has been a chronic issue, it is getting increasingly difficult to go anywhere without sacrificing so much time or comfort. The same is true for airport transfers. That’s why ride-sharing apps have enjoyed phenomenal success here in this city. The general public appreciates any additional form of transportation that could give us a little bit of comfort even at a higher price.

For travelers going into and out of the Ninoy Aquino international airport (NAIA), there aren’t that many options available other than taxi, which can still be stressful, expensive, and prone to scams. Hence, the arrival of UBE express has been a welcome relief.

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UBE express Pickup and drop Off Points
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About UBE Express
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UBE express Pickup and drop Off Points

In Cubao, the pick-up and drop-off point is the Araneta center P2P lounge, located at Araneta center Bus station behind Shopwise.

Here are the airport stops of UBE Express.

NAIA терминал 1: зона прибытия

NAIA Терминал 2: зона прибытия, залив 17

NAIA Терминал 3: зона прибытия, зона прибытия залива 10

NAIA terminal 4

Обратите внимание, что автобус остановится не в вышеуказанном порядке. As the biggest and busiest, terminal 3 is often the first and last stop. They then pass by the other terminals very quickly.

If you’re coming from Terminals 1, 2 or 4, you will be transferred to terminal 3 first.

I’m not sure if terminal 4 is also a pickup point. Last time I checked, it was a drop-off only stop.


Последнее обновление: 4 июля 2019 года.

Fare: P100

Travel time is 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. journey can be pretty fast, around 40 minutes, in the early morning. but as soon as the sun rises and the rush hour kicks in, the traffic can drag the travel time to up to 2 hours.

We indicated the date this timetable was last updated. Although we try to do our best, we cannot guarantee that the info above is up-to-date all the time. We only rely on the timetables released by UBE express and posted at public spaces. We still strongly encourage you to call UBE express directly for the current schedules.

Важные напоминания

Allow some lead time, especially if you have a flight to catch. Это Метро Манила. Every schedule is tentative and you’ll never know what’s going to happen on the road. It’s always best to leave your house 4-5 hours before the flight to be sure. be at the airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight or 3 hours for international.

Не пытайтесь высадиться, кроме назначенных остановок. These buses will NOT stop to pick up or drop off passengers elsewhere.

Don’t expect the buses to arrive or leave on time. There are many elements affecting it. traffic conditions make it hard to stick to the timetable. TripAdvisor also has records of complaints about long waits and deviation from the schedule. They also seem to not follow the schedule strictly.

Schedule may change without prior notice. They seem to make changes to the schedule every now and then but don’t update their online channels. If you want to be sure, call their office directly.

This post was last updated in July 2019. always contact UBE express before your trip or download their Android app to get their latest timetable. The app is down as of this writing though.

This post is a work in progress. Мы будем обновлять это по мере получения дополнительной информации. If you have something to add to this post, let us know in the comments section below.

Where to stay Near NAIA

If you want to stay at a hotel near the airport, here are some options.

Holiday Inn express Manila Newport City. image from Agoda.

Holiday Inn express Manila Newport City. check rates & Availability!

Belmont hotel Manila. check rates & Availability!

Savoy hotel Manila. check rates & Availability!

Remington Hotel. check rates & Availability!

Search for more hotels Near NAIA!

About UBE Express

UBE express is the first premium point-to-point bus to operate in Metro Manila. It’s owned and run by Airfreight 2100 Inc, the company behind AIR21. The service is still in its toddler years, but it has been growing fast, testament to the amount of public support it receives. In its first years, it ferries passengers from NAIA to Manila, Makati, and Pasay. This year, it has expanded to include Cubao, Alabang, and as far south as Nuvali in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

UBE express takes pride in its fleet of new top-line air-conditioned buses that are all equipped with free wi-fi, GPS, and CCTV for additional safety. As a point-to-point service, it skips the numerous stops that regular public buses wait, thereby cutting the travel time short. It’s also spacious, with adequate compartmenTS для багажа, а также PWD, с низким уровнем входа и инвалидной коляской.

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