THINGS TO perform in MYKONOS: Beaches, Clubs & other traveler areas

For the longest time, when we believe of Greek islands, Santorini is always the very first to find to mind. however over the past a number of years, the island of Mykonos has emerged as a top traveler destination too.

Although Mykonos is just a little island, it has so numerous things to offer to tourists. finest understood as a celebration island, it sizzles with picturesque beaches as well as pulsates with dynamic nightlife. In addition, it is overflowing with natural charm too! All these beautiful sites as well as home entertainment venues can quickly fill a week’s itinerary.

If you’re still building your Mykonos schedule as well as you’re confused by so numerous options, here’s a quick guide on what’s finest in Mykonos that is worthy of your time.

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Best beaches in Mykonos
Best Clubs as well as Bars in Mykonos
Shopping in Mykonos
Concierge services – Villas
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Best beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos is mainly a summertime destination, so naturally, the beaches are the primary attraction. In top season, numerous visitors walk or lounge along its shores. In lean season, they can get quite tamed as well as quiet. however these are the top beaches on the island.

Super Paradise Beach. For the party-goer, Sugar Paradise beach harbors wildly well-known clubs including Jackie O as well as very Paradise Club. At sunset, the area becomes a dance floor up until sunrise the next day. If you have good friends who keep on raving about crazy celebrations they experienced in Mykonos, they most likely took location here.

Paraga Beach. found in a little cove along the southern edge of the island, Paraga beach glistens with golden sand, lapped by crystal remove waters. It’s a little cove, however a excellent lounge spot. You can event area some stars right here if you’re lucky.

Ftelia Beach. For those who want a quieter Mykonos beach experience. This beach laces one part of the Protective Bay on the northern coastline of the island. It’s a peaceful spot, far from the celebration beaches in the south. however strong winds make it a excellent location for windsurfing. It has only one all the time bar restaurant as well as few visitors.

Panormos Beach. likewise found on the north side of the island, along the Protective Bay. It is a virgin beach with only a few facilities. likewise for the peaceful type.

Best Clubs as well as Bars in Mykonos

Mykonos is bursting with home entertainment options, however when it concerns bars as well as restaurants, these four venues are most likely the hottest. however first, a reminder. numerous of these locations are much more on the extravagant end of the spectrum as well as are not for budget plan travelers.

Nammos. found in Psarou Beach, this all-day-and-night resort is commonly thought about one of the very best beach clubs in Mykonos. It’s likewise a preferred satisfying point for VIPs, celebrities, as well as celebrity-wannabes. It has a beach bar with sun loungers, umbrellas as well as towels, a beach bar, as well as an open air restaurant.

Scorpios. found in Paraga Beach. This boho-style club as well as restaurant takes pride in its elegance. It’s ideal for long meals as you view the sunset or have a unforgettable time with friends. It likewise has a bar, sun loungers, umbrellas, everyday events as well as healing rituals. home entertainment as well as relaxation right here are based on Scorpios’ viewpoint for a spiritual harmony.

Principote. found in Panormos Beach. This beachfront restaurant fosters a relaxing, trendy atmosphere for guests who want to delight in whatever outstanding in Mykonos: excellent food, vibrant cocktails, comfortable cabanas, as well as a breathtaking view.

Alemagou. found in Ftelia beach. It is a trendy boho-style restaurant as well as beach bar with a great deal of amenities, including a shop as well as a renewed conventional boat prepared to sail.

Shopping in Mykonos

In Mykonos you will discover a great deal of the world’s many well-known brands, all found within a short radius from Chora. aside from clothes as well as accessories, you will likewise discover designer jewelry.

Mykonos’ art galleries offer likewise distinct pieces of sculpture as well as paintings, among others. If you have the budget, you can get something for home.

Bring some things back for your good friends or yourself from the souvenir shops or the regional products stores. handcrafted accessories, wines, as well as regional cheese are a few of the products you can never get sufficient of here.

Concierge services – Villas

One of the reasons Mykonos has ended up being well-known to the world is its distinct high-end lifestyle. You will discover outstanding concierge services on the island that are implied to satisfy the most eccentric visitors.
Concierge services include rental of personal high-end private yachts with aПолная команда, высококлассные фургоны с водителями, вертолетами, личными поварами, а также тренерами, VIP-билеты в самые популярные клубы, а также мероприятия, спа-центр здравоохранения, а также здравомыслящие услуги, а также гораздо больше.

Для тех, кто готов потратить, самое стильное жилье на острове-миконсовые виллы. В аренде своего дома Mykonos для отдыха у вас будет идеальное роскошное уединение, чтобы расслабиться, а также отдохнуть в отпуске.

Mykonos Villas предоставляет просторные помещения, огромные удобные сады, бассейны, а также джакузи, а также отличный уровень уединения для вас, а также для ваших друзей. Они также подходят для личных праздников или мероприятий, так как некоторые из них огромны для огромного количества гостей.

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